I, Too, Was on Earth That Day

Game of Tones Season 7, Ep 23 08/14/2013 Views: 14,819

After learning that Fry has previously heard the musical tones coming from space, Professor Farnsworth performs tests on him to get more information. (1:51)

There it is again.

It's driving mecrazy.

Why am I theonly one whining?

All personnel,report to the laboratory.

I've discoveredthe source of the music.


Hologram off.

As you can see,

I've picked upan alien ship

on the long-range scanner.

It seems tobe emitting

musical tones in an effortto communicate.

Why don't they justuse a thoughtspike

like normal people?

(with echo):I don't know, Amy.

But what are those alienstrying to ask us?

What do the tones mean?

Isn't it obvious?

Uh, no.

Drat, I was hoping it was.

Well, whatever it is,we'd better figure it out soon

because that shipwill reach Earth in two weeks.

(all gasping)

That's a hellof a slow ship.

I know I've heardthat melody before.

I-I just can't remember where.


Perhaps we can narrow it down

by seeing what partof Fry's brain

becomes active when he hears it.

(tones playing)


I can isolatethose tones to a memory

Fry formed onDecember 31, 1999.


That's the day I fellin the freezer tube.


I, too, wason Earth that day,

on my mission to ensure

Fry's successful transportto the future.

But I recall no such music.

I always forgetthat he can talk.

Well, that must bewhen I heard it.

But I guess the memoryis gone forever.

Like Kaboom cereal.

And my family.

Oh, fuff.

The memorystill exists

somewhere inyour subconscious mind.