Exclusive - Roast Battle II: Regionals - The Mission of The Wave - Uncensored

Season 2, 01/19/2017 Views: 1,061

Fellow comedians describe what people love (and hate) about The Wave, the guerilla sketch comedy group that adds to every Roast Battle. (1:39)

- Why do you love thisshow so much, Sebastian?

- I know you come up and watch a lot.

- I'm going to be honest with you, Jeff.

I'm not really here to see a roasters.

- [Jeff] Yeah.

- I'm here to see the wave.



- What the fucking shit!

- We're the wave.


- Fellas.

(electro music)

- [Gray Beard Man] The wave rocks.

It's like comedy ballet.

I love the wave.

- The thing with roasting

is like it's so brutal and honest

and then the wave is so silly.

And that combination is just.

- I think it's perfect.

(dogs barking)

- [Black Hat] They are the bestgorilla snitch team around.

- [Man] I love the wave.

- [Woman] I love the waves!

They keep asking me would I sleep with the wave.

I'm like, yeah, my vagina is an ocean.

I need waves.

Actually that insulted me.

- No that was just accurate.

- I looked up at one point

and really Hunter was eating a mouse.

(screechy electro music)

- [Man] Is that a real mouse?

- [Man In Tan Shirt] I hope so!

I think if he has anycommitment to his craft

it should be a real mouse.

- This is definitely the weirdest show on television.


- I love the wave.

I also love how angry Twitter gets at the wave.

- Oh yeah, you guys are so wrong.

- The people that don't understand it, you're crazy.

That's what makes the show so good.

- [Man] The mission of thewave is to make the audience go

what am I witnessing with my two eyes!

- [Man] That's the waveright there for you.

Get ready for it!

We're comin' for you!

- To make this show thegreatest on the God-damn planet.

Get this camera out of my fuckin' face.