Mark Normand - Double Standard

Mark Normand Season 3, Ep 11 07/18/2014 Views: 5,278

Mark Normand thinks that women get the short end of the stick in the whole sex game. (1:48)

Oh boy.

I think if we're talkingabout ladies,

we're talking about sex,I got to bring this up.

I think women getthe short end of the stick

in the whole sex game, you know?

Guy has sex with a lot of girls,he's a cool guy.

Girl has sex with a lot of guys,everybody makes fun of her.

That's not fair.It's a double standard.

I hate when guys pull this move.They go, "Hey, you know, I,

I had sex with that girl.I'm the man."

And you go, "Yeah, well,she had sex with him, too."

And they go, "Oh, what a slut."

Well, that's not fair.How come she's a slut now?

How come she wasn't a slutwhen she banged you?

You never hear a guy say that.

"Whew. She slept with me?

"What a whore.

"Wow. You've gotsome problems, sister.

"Get your act together. This?

This is a wake-up call,all right?"

I feel like we're so meanto promiscuous girls

in this society, aren't we?

Slut, tramp,she's loose, she's easy.

Well, what is that?Don't we all like sex?

Why do we get madat the one group giving it away?

You know?We all like Banana Republic.

But if they have a sale, nobodycalls them a whore, you know?

I don't get it.We got a black president now.

Gay marriage is legal.Yet sluts are still oppressed.

That's the one groupin this country

that still gets stepped on.

And I'm the only guy sticking upfor these women, all right?

Even women won't stick upfor them.

"Those sluts are ruining itfor everybody."

No, you could...

put out, too.(laughs)

I genuinely don't understand it.

I feel like if we're gonnamake fun of a group of girls,

let's make funof the prude girls, right?

They're the boring,annoying ones.

Let's kick them offthe high horse.

They've had it too goodfor too long.

Why do we reward these women?

"I don't put out till threemonths into a relationship."

Yeah, 'cause you havenothing else to offer.

Get a personality together.

Come on, kick it up a notch.Let's go.

'Cause let's be honest,you know?

Prude girls,they're like mom-and-pop shops.

We all pretend to like them,but they're more expensive

and they close early.

Promiscuous girlsare like Wal-Mart, all right?

Everybody makes fun of them,everybody talks down to them.

But when you're inside oneat 4:00 in the morning,

you're like, "Man,

I'm glad these are around."

(cheering, whooping)