David Alan Grier - Good Guys

David Alan Grier Season 1, Ep 6 03/24/1998 Views: 888

Ladies, meet your man's baby mama before you commit. (2:03)

spent together.

It wasn't all bad.

Ten years, I never cheated

on my wife.

No, I never did.

I mean, there's some good guys

out there.

You know, we're not all dogs.

Don't--I mean, don't listen to

him, really.

There's some good men out there.

There are.

You know what I'm saying?

And you know what?

No, ladies, look here.

Ladies, ladies, you got to look

for a man like you look

for a job.

Do your research.

Do your research.

Run a credit check on him,


That's first off.

Meet his babies' mamas, okay?

Do that.

You just don't drive him to the

methadone clinic.

Go inside.

Meet the people.

Talk to his parole officer.

Do your research.

Don't be a victim.

You know, a lot of these women

are victims, man.

Don't be like that.

You know, "Leroy, shot me 'cause

he loved me.

You don't even know.


Do your research.


Sex, watch out.

Watch out, because they got some

diseases out there, you know?

When you're having sex,

you got to watch out.

And I'm not talking about

the [...] that everybody knows


I'm really not talk--

like, today I heard a guy,

he was talking about gonorrhea.


Excuse me, officer.

It's just in 1999,

if you come down with a case

of gonorrhea, be happy.

You should be thankful.

That is a blessing from God.

Truly, these days, that don't

mean a damn thing,

'cause they got some diseases

out there.

I'm not talking about HIV.

They got some, like, Ebola

of the nuts,

stuff that'll knock you out of

commiss--you might not even make

it to your car.

You see brothers today going,

"Man, I told that"--

Dead in the driveway.

Listen, I want to thank you all

for coming tonight.

Thank you so much.

Thank you, New York!

Good night.