Bengt Washburn - Silent G

Season 3, Ep 0304 06/09/2007 Views: 29,801

In Utah, you don't pronounce the "g" in "Bengt." (1:53)

The name is Bengt.

And it's spelled B-E-N-G-T.Swedish.

In Sweden,you would say "Bengt."

In Utah, where I am from,we never pronounce the "G,"

which is how I getmy street name, "Silent G."

And, uh...

It's kind of rude, but, um...

No street cred at all. None.

Is it the Back to School Salesweater?

Is that...? All right.

Swedish name. Yeah...

Raising a child in Utah

with a name that's popularin Sweden was so...

My mom's parenting strategy--all part of the plan--

"I don't want my kidshaving to worry

"about sharing their names

with other kidsin their class at school."

And mission accomplished.

Yeah. In fact...In fact, I'm the only Bengt

in the Western Hemisphere.

And my brother Tafuth?

Yeah! He got screwed, didn't he?

Tafuth. Ancient Welsh for David.

Tafuth. Ancient... Are there any Tafuths here?

No. I know there aren't.I did a Google search, okay?

Hasn't been a Tafuthin 800 years.

There... there are no Tafuthsin this world other than...

Not even inthe World of Warcraft.

Ancient Welsh.

My mom dug up a prehistoric namefrom a dead language.

Who does that?

"Well, we were goingto go with Thog,

but then we had a boy."

It was a weird family.