Anjelah Johnson - Flight Attendants

Dunham, Brow, Griffin, Logan, Johnson, Palascak, Marcus Season 3, Ep 1 06/06/2008 Views: 138,358

Sometimes flight attendants are like bad comics who think that their jokes are funny. (2:32)

I've been doing a lotof traveling lately.

I fly Southwest Airlines,because I'm rich and famous.

I fly so often I get to knowmy flight crews

'cause I see them all the time,

and, uh, I have this one flightattendant lady,

her name is Linda.

She's really nice, but she kindof reminds me of a bad comic

who thinks her jokesare really funny.

This is Linda:

(makes static sound)

Thank you for flyingSouthwest Airlines, Flight 2443.

I'm gonna go over some safetyregulations with you.

Your seat cushion may be usedas a flotation device

in the event that our flightbecomes a cruise.

(audience laughing)


If we lose cabin pressure,

four masks will fallfrom the sky.

If you're sitting nextto a child,

or someone who is just actinglike one...


please put the maskon yourself first.

Thank you for flyingSouthwest Airlines.

We'll see you when we landin Hawaii.

Okay, just kidding!We'll see you in Idaho.

(makes static sound)

She's really nice, though.

One day, though, I just wantto get on a plane and there be

a real ghetto flight attendanton there, just real ghetto.

That would really make my dayto one day hear this.

(imitates static)




(imitates static):'Ey!

What's up?

My name Bonquiqui.

I'm be your flight attendant,

so don't nobodyax me for nothin'.

Y'all on a plane flight,so don't act crazy.


Excuse me, sir?

Hello, sir?

Do you see me going over

my safety regamalations, sir?

You just gon'go ahead and interrupt?

Gon' go ahead and interrupt?Gon' go ahead and interrupt?




Uh... now, excuse me, sir,don't talk back to me, sir.

No, do not talk back to me, sir.

(imitates static):Sukerity?



This dude need to go.Need to go.

Bye. Bye.


(applause, whooping)