Roast Battle - Post Battle: Night One - Uncensored

Roast Battle - Night One - Uncensored Season 1, Ep 2 07/28/2016 Views: 5,790

JB Smoove, Jay Pharoah and Kevin Hart weigh in on what they thought of Roast Battle's first round, and Jeff Ross asks the contestants how they felt about their battles. (6:18)

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- Yo, let me get some shout outs real quick.

- Yes, let 'em know.

- J.B., what'd you thinkof the show tonight?

J.B. Smoove.


- Oh, oh, great show.

And those dudes down there are sick, man, I love

these guys.


Love that.

(horn blares)

Great official, great referee, great judges, man.

You are truly the Roast Master, brotha.

I love you man.


- Thank you, bud, thank you buddy.

And here's a guy I've known even longer than you, J.B.,

one of the best insult comics in the world, my pal,

Rich Voss.

Hi Rich.

- Rich!

(applause and cheering)

- Chris.


I'm telling you, it was amazing.

I don't like the judges, but it was amazing, okay.


It was great.

- For those people who don't know, Rich Voss is a comedian.

(audience groans)

Yo, he's a comic.

- If you go see Kevin, and you're sitting four rows

back, it looks like a tick with a microphone.


- Yeah, once again,Rich Voss is a comedian.

(laughter and cheering)

I don't want y'all to think he's a very good one.

- Finesse Mitchell, Jay Pharaoh, what's up fellas,

how you guys doin back there?

Jay, how ya doin', bud?

How's the show going?

- Show is dope, it was amazing, and it's really cool

to see the L.A. thing, like, get moved, it's like dope

to see how much progression this has taken, so shout

out to all a y'all.

- Why you talking like fuckin' Biggie Smalls?

(roaring laughter)

It's tired, nigga.

(roaring laughter)

Fucking talk to the people.

They can see you.

Talk to the fucking people.

- Hey Kev, hey Kev!

Now, first of all, you want me to talk like this,

motha fucka, bam!


Look, swear to God, Kev, you don't want to do this shit.


Sit down, enjoy your fuckin' show, judge the shit

like you're supposed to do, and that's fuckin' it,

bow bow bam!

Good shots.

- [Voiceover] Damn!



(air horns blaring)

- Everybody in Montreal, you got a real treat to tonight,

see Jeff Ross and the whole crew put this together,

they been putting in hard work for like three or four

years in L.A., and it's finally comin' to fruition,

about time.

Comedy Central, y'all got a big one right here.

Congrats to everybody involved.


- What?

Aw shit.

- I talked, wait a second, I said, I talked low and you

ain't, you--

- Jay, don't nobody knowwho Finesse Mitchell is!


They don't know Finesse!

It's a roast, Finesse, I love you.

I just got hyped up 'cause what's been going on tonight,

so good.

The black guy drunk some shit outta somebody's asshole.


I ain't been right since.


- We love you, Kevin Hart, thank you so much, man,

we love what you did with Chris Tucker's

career, we really love that shit.

(roaring laughter)

I love you.

Okay, tomorrow night, thefirst round of the Roast Battle

Tournament continues.

We have eight new roasters, four new battles and our

guest judges are Joke Assassin, Anthony Jeselnik.


Oscar winner, Whoopie Goldberg!


You guys want to come out?

- Yeah, bring em out for a second.

Bring em out, hi Jay.

How 'bout a hand for Big Jay Oakerson, who opened the show


- [Man On Stage] Earl Skakel!

- What's up, Jay?

- [Man On Stage] Tom Ballard!

You're great, man.

- [Man On Stage] Chris Cubas!

- Thank you so much for havin' me, man.


- Sarah Tiana.



Steve Rannazzisi!


Sam Morril.


Christie Chiello.

Come on over, Christie.


And the champ, Jimmy Carr.

Scoot down, everybody.

(applause and cheering)

- That was great, you guys.


This is post Battle.

This is post Battle, I salute all of you, that was

a great job tonight.

If you're moving on, good luck, if you haven't,

thanks for doing this show, you guys were great.

Sarah, how do you feel?

Do you feel okay about your battle?

- Yeah, I definitely need to go work at your gym,

24 Hour Fatness?

Is that what the name of it is?

I can't remember the name.

I need a new workout.

No, I'm very excited.

- [Jeff] Save it babe, save it.

- I will, thank you so much.

This has been fun.

- [Jeff] Does the Hyatt know you're wearing the drapes?

- Yeah, oh yeah.


- Don't mess with the--

- I'm very, I'm very.

- That was a lot of fun.

Chris Cubas, we know why Santa Claus will never be black.


You're scary, and I love you.

- It was real sad to lose in front of the most important

people in comedy, and Rich Voss.

That was a real bummer.

(audience cheers)

- Alright, come on,leave the judges alone.

Earl, you never have a bad thing to say about the judges,

do you?

- Nah, I think you guys are great.

You look like a boy band that gave up.


- Rannazzisi.

You feeling okay.

You look relieved that it's over.

- I'm just happy that I can be friends with everyone


I fuckin' hate this.

I really hated it.



- Sam are you okay?

- I'm good.

- Are you still in Roast mode?

You look like you're about to unleash on somebody.


- I didn't get to all of them, so I have like, blue balls,

you know what I mean?


- [Jeff] Save it--

(yelling from the audience)

Save 'em 'cause you're coming back in a couple days.

- Alright, good.

Christie, you were greattoo, you were awesome.

Did ya have fun?

- [Christie] So much fun.

- Alright, have a great walk back to total obscurity.


- Thank you!

- [Jeff] I love you, that was great.


- [Jeff] Tom.

Tom, are you doing othershows at the festival,

are you gonna be here all week?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm planning on Saturday,

thanks man,

on Saturday the Nikki Glaser show, which should be fun,

and just constantly thinking about every joke I didn't

do about Earl Skakel and jacking off at the same time.


- Do us favor, everybody tweet your leftover jokes.

Everybody here tweet about the show.

We want to be a big hit.

Maybe tomorrow night,

Jimmy Carr, you're the favorite to win this whole

tournament I think.

- Hey, major, major shout out to every damn comic

that touched that stage.

Man, honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed myself tonight.

You all were great, you all brought something different

to the table.

So kudos to all y'all.

I'm serious, I enjoyed myself.



Battle, battle, battle,battle, battle, battle, battle!