Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse - 2016: The Year of the Trump Supporter

December 15, 2016 - Rob Corddry 12/15/2016 Views: 72,802

Jordan Klepper reflects on the year he spent getting to know now-President-elect Donald Trump's most avid supporters on the campaign trail. (2:36)

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2016 was as divisive a yearas you could get.

Even fractions were like, "Idon't know. This is what we do,

but we need to relax, guys.We need to chill."

And throughout the yearthere was one man

who kept us in touchwith Trump's America.

Please welcome Jordan Klepper,everybody.

-(cheering, applause)-Thanks, Trevor. So many people

in the media are complainingthat 2016 was so horrible.

But for real, red-bloodedAmericans,

2016 was the best yearin American history.

So, if you hear someonewhine about 2016,

their finger couldn't be furtherfrom the pulse.

(imitates heartbeat)

This is Jordan KlepperFingers 2016.

Sexism in the campaign?Fingered.

Conspiracy theories?Fingered.

Evangelical voters,locker room talk,

extreme vetting-- Fingered.Fingered. Fisted.

Here are some highlights of me

getting in touchwith real America.

Grab it while you can. Trump.

-What-what is this?-The pussy! Yeah!

Grab it while you can!

Except I can't talk like thatin front of my daughter.

You-you just did.

Bara... Obama is a Muslim.He's a terrorist.

Nobody will evertell me different.

Barack Obamahad big part of 9/11.

Do I have proof? No.Do I have articles? No.

But your mind is made upwithout any information.

My mind is made up.

Fill in the blank for me. Twomen getting married is blank.


Actually, the answer is"legal in the United States."

A female has more hormones.

She could start a warin ten seconds.

Haven't all warsbeen started by men?


It's an American ideal that wetreat women with respect, so...

You got to give me the backof that shirt one more time.

That's too much fun.

Trump that bitch!

(laughs) We don't even seethe irony in it, I love it.

One man's sexual assault isanother man's, uh, flirtation.

You must be quite the charmerwith the ladies.

I-I used to be. It's, you know,I got the ring now.

One of 'em landed me.She even squeezed it

so I can't get it off.She's no dummy.

Oh, well, I think she's a dummyif she thinks somebody else

is gonna (bleep) you.

The Trumpster is our president.

From Apprentice to president.

-I love Tr... I love Trump.-It's incredible, right?

Makes you wantto blow your brains out,

it's so mind-boggling.(laughs, cries)

Turns out 2016...(sobs)

fingered me.

Damn it.


Jordan Klepper, everybody.