Gabriel Iglesias - Puerto Rican Flag

Tony Baker & Alfred Robles Season 2, Ep 5 11/01/2012 Views: 159,716

Gabriel Iglesias knows the reason why Puerto Ricans are so proud of their flag. (2:29)

He text me and he mentionedit earlier but he, uh,

he got a little crazy andwound up in Hialeah somewhere

at someone's house.

And for everybodywatching at home,

Hialeah's no joke, it's-it getscrazy over there, all right?

If you're whiteand you're driving

through Hialeahafter 1:00 in the morning,

even the GPS is like:

(imitates bell ring)Good luck.


Oh, yeah.

It is the east coast version ofEast Los Angeles, yes, that's...

And, of course, there was, uh,people asking, you know,

"When are you gonna shoot thenext one," and I've been talking

about doing stuff here inFlorida for quite some time,

and so I'm really excitedand I actually thought,

I used to thinkthat, uh, the Cubans

were the number-one Latinos herein town, I come to find out

that Puerto Ricansare creeping up.

(whooping, cheering)

Yeah, huh... (laughs nervously)

Puerto Ricans, you guysare very easy to identify.

Most Latinos you gotto listen to the Spanish,

Puerto Ricans, I give it up,you're easy to identify

'cause there'salways a flag nearby.

Puerto Ricans love the PuertoRican flag and I know why.

I know why.

'Cause no one's looking for you.

You can be as proudas you want, you know...

Wepa!All day long.

If you don't know the PuertoRican flag, it's very easy

to identify:it's red, white and blue,

it has one big star on it,a triangle and, uh, it's...

It's like the Americanflag but tweaked.

It's like the Cuban flag,but backwards in the colors.

Yeah, you guys love that flag.

You will put thatflag on anything.

Frickin' bumper sticker,hat, T-shirts, wallets...

a baby's born...(imitates baby crying)


Hell, yeah.

You're definitely the mostadvantaged of all the Latinos.

You know, 'cause Mexicans,we're-we're, you know,

we're loud to an extent.

But when we realize there couldbe potential drama, then...

(speaks Spanish quietly)

But we work hard.

And I noticed too,like, um, there's actually

a Mexican community herein town I didn't know about.

And, uh, I saw some guysdoing construction and that's

when I found out becauseI heard the music playing,

and it wasn't like Celia Cruzor nothing, it was actually

frigging, you know, regular,you know, you know

(sings in Spanish)

You know, straight up... I waslike, "That's Mexican music."

And I saw a guy in oneof the scaffoldings and I go,

"You guys are workingover here?"

"Oh, si, señor, si, señor."

I go, "In this economy, you guysare building another house?"

"Oh,señor,these peoplehave a lot of money.

Mucho dinero, mucho dinero."

Are they rich?

"Very rich."

How rich?

"Señor, I'm not even Mexican, hepays me to talk like this, no."