President Trump Rips a Federal Judge on Twitter

February 6, 2017 - Keith Ellison 02/06/2017 Views: 124,093

President Trump lashes out at federal Judge James Robart for ruling against the White House's executive order that banned travelers from Muslim-majority countries. (5:22)

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Let's turn now to the continuingsaga that is the travel ban,

A.K.A. the Muslim ban,'s not a ban but it is a ban.

Now, ten days ago, when HisExcellency the Donald of Trump

commanded by executive orderthe banishment of all nationals

of certain countries,he took for granted the fact

that he's not a (bleep) king.

REPORTER: On Friday, a federal judge in Seattle blocked

the travel ban, reopening entry to people

from the seven affected countries.

I find thata temporary restraining order

is in the public interest.


Trump just got shot down likehe was one of his own casinos.

-(cheering and applause)-Ooh, that hurt.

Actually, actually,when you think about it,

Trump is a lot like the Knicks,you know?

He's from New York, he's orange,

and he always finds a wayto lose on the court.

-Always. I don't know how.-(laughter, groaning)

-MAN: That ain't right.-The only difference is I like

the Knicks.That's the only difference.

Did you say that ain't right?(laughs)

So after this federal judge,James Robart,

put a stop to the Muslim ban,Donald Trump took his appeal

to the highest court he knows,Twitter.

REPORTER: The president had already argued his own case

in a string of seven tweets Saturday,

even lashing out at the judge.

"The opinion of this so-called judge...

is ridiculous and will be overturned."

What do you mean,"so-called judge"?

He's a judge.

Whenever someone disagreeswith Trump,

it's automaticallyconspiracy time.

"Get me this court guy'sbirth certificate.

"I'll bet it doesn't say 'judge'anywhere!

"Was he born in Kenya?

"He probably killed JFK

after inventing autism."

No. No.

The man was appointedand confirmed

and is in every way fullyand legally a judge.

Trump heard the decisionand he was like,

"Oh, yeah?Who are you to judge?"

"I'm literally a judge!"

And look, I know Trump is nota checks-and-balances guy,

but the president takes an oathto uphold the Constitution,

and judges are specificallythe people

whose job it isto tell him how to do that.

Judges are basicallydemocracy referees.

Now, you can complain abouta call if you don't like it,

but you can't claimthat the ref is not a ref,

unless that ref worksat Foot Locker.

-That's different.-(laughter)

In which case you shouldn'thave brought your divorce suit

in front of him to begin with.I'm just saying.

But there's a problem with Trumpdumping all over Judge Robart.

I mean,beyond the general problem

that presidentsaren't supposed to do that.

The problem with this particularjudge is that

there are no problemswith this particular judge.

Judge Robart is a superb judge

and one of the bestthat we have,

and I think he's one of thebetter judges in the country.

He was an active Republicanhere in Washington state.

He is a good, solid judge,

a mainstream jurist,and we're lucky to have him.

MAN: Judge James Robart, a George W. Bush appointee,

was confirmed in the Senate by a vote of 99 to zero.

-(laughter) -Yes, the Senateconfirmed him unanimously.

And the Senate never agreeson anything.

Even when they all watched La La Land,

even then, they didn't agree.

Ted Cruz and Chuck Schumer--they both loved it.

But Bernie was like,"It's sentimental garbage.

Jazz doesn't belongto white people!"


-(applause and cheering)-So...

Trump may not have known it,

but he was criticizinga Republican judge

who is laudedon both sides of the aisle.

In fact, Bush appointed him,

so you can't even saythis is a partisan decision.

But if there's one thingyou should know about the Trump,

it's thathe has the impressive ability

to take a bad situationand make it worser.


-Alternative words.-(laughter)

Disrespecting and delegitimizinga judge was just the start,

because then Trump took it frombeing dickish to dictatorish.

MAN: ...later tweeting "Just cannot believe

"a judge would put our country in such peril.

"If something happens, blame him and court system.

People pouring in. Bad!!"


If something happens, blame him?


You realizethat judge is just...

He's doing his job, right?

His job is to uphold the law.

But nowTrump's threatening the judge

by blaming any futureterror attack on him.

And that's not an accident.It's a strategy.

And it's strategy straight outof the authoritarian's handbook.


Which, by the way, is alsohis favorite bedtime stories.

-(laughter) "Read me the oneabout the mustache man!"


Because... because you realize,

when Trump says, "If we getattacked, blame this judge,"

he's laying the groundwork

to subvert an entire branchof government-- the judiciary.

Because, if God forbid,something does happen,

you know Trump is goingto come out saying, "You see?

"I wanted to protect you,but the judges stopped me.

"So, America,you got to choose.

What do you want--safety or judges?"

And that's exactlywhat dictators do.

They use the fear of the people

to convince peopleto surrender their rights.

And if you don't thinkthe Trump administration

would exploit a terror attackin that way,

well, don't take my word for it.

Just ask the survivorsof the Bowling Green Massacre.