Yannis Pappas - Nobody Wants to Have Kids

Yannis Pappas Season 3, Ep 8 06/27/2014 Views: 7,929

Yannis Pappas finds it ironic that people think having a family will ruin their amazing lives. (1:30)

Nobody wants togrow up, man.

People are having kidslater and later.

Right? That's how you know...

Maybe 'cause I think maybewe don't want the party to end.

Maybe subconsciouslywe know that we made it

to the endof human civilization.

This could be it.

I mean, how much bettercan it get?

Nothing lasts forever.

I think we made it.

I think we got ten years beforethe environment falls apart.

I think this is it.I mean,

I think we did it-- there'scocaine and sushi everywhere.

We did it!


You can eat raw fishlike a Scandinavian king

on a bus driver's salary.

This is as good as it gets.

Maybe we're at the end.

That's why womenaren't having kids, man.

That's a biological instinctthat's now a career choice.

That's how you knowwe're at the end... right?

You used to ask a woman,like, when she was 18,

"When do you want to have kids?"

She's like, "Well, I'm 18,so now, right now.

"I want to be a grandmaby the time I'm 24.

"And then a mom againwhen I'm 28,

if that's possible."

Now, you ask a woman, like,"When do you want to have kids?"

She's like, "Well, let me see.I'm, like, 28 now.

"So... I'm gonna drink first

"for 30 years.

"You know, then when I'm 60,I'm take some fertility drugs,

"and we'll create, like,some weird science triplets

that aren't supposedto be here."


Is it ironicwhen you think about it

that our parents andgrandparents worked

so hard for us to havea better life,

and now we don't wantto have kids

'cause we don't want themto ruin our life?


(audience cheers)