Joyful Disaster Relief in Japan

September 13, 2016 - Danielle Weisberg & Carly Zakin 09/13/2016 Views: 11,141

While surveying the damage done by Typhoon Lionrock in Japan, a government official hitches a ride on his assistant to cross a flood zone. (1:38)

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some news out of Japan,

which is currently recovering

from last week'sdevastating typhoon, Lionrock.

And right away, people,uh, let's agree on something,

don't give a storm a namelike Lionrock,

because then you knowit's gonna be bad. Yeah.

The storm is gonna feelthe pressure to perform.

The typhoon is like,"What's my name?

"The coolest animaland the loudest music?

Oh, (bleep), I better bring it!"

America's already figuredthat out, you know?

With American storms,they give them simple names.

Just like... The storm's like,"Yeah, what's my name?!"


"Eh, well, (bleep) it.Whatever."

So, uh... so Lionrock left Japanwith a lot of flooding.

And, of course, one oftheir top government officials

was sent to inspect the damage,which is great,

until he came to a puddleand asked a junior colleague

to give him a piggyback rideacross the puddle.

Look how much fun he's having!

He's just like, "Whee...!"

This is why you don't take molly

before touring a disaster area,my friends.

And this real... this really is,uh, disaster relief,

when you think about it.What brings more joy

and more relief than a grown man

wearing another grown manlike a giggling backpack?

Yeah. And people are like,"Storms are serious, Trevor,

you know?" But just imagine,just imagine

after Hurricane Sandyhow much joy you would have felt

if instead of Chris Christieshaking hands with Barack Obama,

he'd ridden himlike a horsey around town?

People would have enjoyed thatso much. So much.