Preview - Scorpion Dick

Season 2, Ep 3 10/09/2015 Views: 719

A fight between two giant combatants turns awkward when one of them whips out a disconcertingly phallic weapon. (1:45)

[people screaming]

[alarm wailing]

It ends here, King Lhoga!



[glass shattering]

King Lhoga's Hyper-Flameis too strong!

There's only one wayI can defeat him.

Battleman X!

Red Diamond Scorpion Tail:activate!

Now you'll see what true power--

- Hey, whoa, whoa.- What?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Is that your dick?- What?

What the hell elsewould I be talk--

I'm saying is that,right there, between your legs.

- Is that your dick?- No.

It's my Red DiamondScorpion Tail!

Uh, I don't know, man.

- It looks a lot like a dick.- What?

It's not really cool to whip outyour dick while were fighting,

or whatever.

It's not a dick.Watch this.


[explosion][people screaming]

- See?- Oh, okay.

If anything, I'm more convincedit's a dick now.

No. It's an energy weapon.


Excuse me.[whistles]

Whoa, you are reallyconsumed with that dick.

Sorry, there's a shortrefractory period

between blasts.

Please don't say refractory.

Quit stalling and meetyour fate, King Lhoga!

Red Diamond Scorpion Tail:enter Mega Mode 9!

Wow, that is the most dick-likething I've ever seen,

and I've fought Dickulon.

Look, I thinkI'm just gonna go, okay?

The city is safe once again.

King Lhoga has been defeatedby Battleman X.

Okay, all right,I'm sorry, excuse me.

For the record,uh, I wasn't defeated.

I'm leavingbecause it got weird.