New Guy

New Guy Season 1, Ep 6 04/18/2007 Views: 11,454

Kenny promises Del that he'll keep a close watch on Ben, the newest member of Crenshaw House. (1:55)

Let's go.

KENNY: Everybody, come on downstairs!


Hey, Del.

Kenny. How are ya?

Good.Thanks for doing this.

No problem.

SEBASTIAN:What, man?

EULOGIO:Kenny, Kenny!


Someone keeps drinkingmy soy milk.

Thank God, Del, you're hereto help in the investigation?

No, he's not.

Listen, look,whoever's taking

Eulogio's soy milk,stop.

I have an irrational rectum,okay? I can't help it!

Whatever. Stop.Listen.

Del's got an announcement.

All right, listen up.

This is Ben Skoal,all right?

He's going to be stayinghere at Crenshaw House

for one weekwhile we prepare

a permanent place for him

over at Wilshire House.

Ooh, boo!

Wilshire, boo!

Boo! Wilshire!


One more thing you peopleshould know about Mr. Skoal

is that he is a con artist

and a good one,all right?

Keep your eye on him,don't turn your back on him,

don't believea word he says.

I need to speak with youprivately.

Introduce yourselves,guys.

How are you,hustler? Ben.



Hi. Ben.

I'm serious aboutthis guy, Kenny,all right?

He's on a C-1 confinementfor a reason.

I know what C-1 is, Del.

He can't go, I know.He cannot leave the house.

I just want to beclear about that.

I understand, Del.Okay.

Kenny Carlisle'son the case.Great.

Why do you thinkthey use the term "fish"

to describe a new guy?

'Cause it's an "anacronym."

For what?

Fake, Insecure...

Selfish Hobbit.


My guess is that Serenity

probably hasn't reada lot of Tolkien.

She should.