"Hey It's Fluffy!" - Indecent Proposal

Dillon Garcia & Wil Sylvince Season 2, Ep 3 10/18/2012 Views: 11,837

Martin suspects that girls are too dumb to appreciate him. (2:39)

(video game blipping)

How is it possibleI don't have a girlfriend?

I think it's 'cause girls aretoo dumb to appreciate me.

Nope.That's not why.



Hey, Fluffy.

Oh, hey, Zirina.

Want to swimat the pool tomorrow?

Sure. Wait--

like, just hanging out,or a date?


Okay.See ya.

This is so wrong!

It's unjust!

It's unnatural!

What's your problem, Martin?

I'm not eventhat into her.

Dude, sell me your date.

You don't want it, I do,let's make an arrangement.

That's dumb, sick,stupid and illegal.

And it disrespects women.

Besides, there's nothingyou got that I want.

Not even shaved ice withmy secret Martin sauce?

No! Especially not that.

Pleasure doing businesswith you.


(video game blipping)




Guess who has specialcheat codes

from the game designer?


Well, let me swimwith Zirina.

That's an indecentproposal, man.

No way!

Suit yourself.


I can't take the frustration!

Fine! I'm so weak.

I know.

Uh, hey, Zirina, you know,

I just rememberedthat I can't swim.

But Martin can,and if I was a girl,

I would totally like him.

(clicks tongue)

I helped him beata video game,

and he let mehang out with you.

So you guys traded mefor video game cheat codes.


See? I told you she'dbe cool with it.

Actually, I'm flattered.

In fact, meet me back herein five minutes,

so I can find out whichof you players I like more.

Hmm, I wonder how she's gonnapick between the two of us.

(both screaming)

Dude, she mustreally like us

to threaten us withdeath like this.

Totally! I wonderwhere she found

a giant millipedein Long Beach?

Pleasure doingbusiness with you.

(moaning, smooching)