Oklahoma Cupid

Oklahoma Cupid Season 1, Ep 4 12/09/2013 Views: 1,280

Brody and Zach Galifianakis peruse Brody's matches on OkCupid. (1:18)

Um, here's another girlfrom Calabasas.

We're a zero percent match,but she checked out my site.

She lives in San José,she's 280 miles away.

It's probably too far.

This girl's cute, Jasmine,from Hermosa Beach.

Loving life and learning lots,making people laugh.

Big smile, positive energy.She loved the movie "Animal--

Did she really saypositive energy?

Says it right here.

She might as well have saidthat she used to pitchat Arizona State.

Let me see.

Nope, don't see that.Nope.

62% match...

Let's take a look at her.Check her out, not bad.

What is this, Oklahoma Cupid?

OK Cupid.Oh.

She's living with no regrets.She's--

Wait until she goes outon a date with you.

She's patient, yet optimistic.

Hey there, how ya' doing?

Wow, you're like laidback, "How ya' doing?"

Can I give you my number?

You're balding.

BRODY (O.S.):It's sent.

All right, all we gotta donow is sit back and seeif the girls reply.