The Bermuda Tetrahedron

Mobius Dick Season 6, Ep 21 08/04/2011 Views: 29,633

While taking a shortcut through the Bermuda Tetrahedron, the crew discovers a spaceship graveyard. (2:00)

Well, the statue'sperfect now.

Too bad we won'tmake it back in time

for the memorial service.

We'll make it.

Or die trying.

(alarm wailing)

We're cutting through

the Bermuda Tetrahedron!


Wait, the Bermuda Tetrahedron?

(all gasping, whimpering)

I think I'm rememberingthat thing I forgot.

Uh-oh, the dials are terrified.

Brace yourselves.

It's Tickle Me Elmo's Fire.


(grunting):Ow! Oh!


There. See?

It was no big thing.


What was thatbig thing?

FRY: It's a spaceship graveyard.

Why did we have tocome here at night?

Look at all thesefamous lost ships.

There's the Garmin!

And the TomTom!

Over there!

It's the originalPlanet Express ship!

AMY:What caused all that damage?

Could it have beenflavor-blasted?

We'd better investigate.(thunder rumbles)

Looks likean ion storm, though.

Everyone, suit up!

Whatever happened here, thatfirst crew left in a hurry.

The table is still set fora McDonald's value dinner.

I remember, I remember!

This is what traumatized me.

Such a meal to go to waste!


And with that... (burps)I have closure.

Hey, Zoidberg,you're cockatieling.

Oh, no. Something's happening.

What's happening?

(all gasp)

Oh, right.

And there wasa giant killer space whale.