Jake Johannsen - Phone Charge

Benson, Rhodes, DeVido Season 2, Ep 1 05/31/1994 Views: 926

Phone companies know how to get you. (2:24)

This is Two Drink Minimumand this is our set.


We like it.


It's, uh, it kind of lookswhat if Peter Max was

an Aztec who designedgreeting cards?

And-- anyway nice though.

We all enjoy it.

And we're looking forwardto a-- to a big show.

You know, I'm staying ina hotel not far from here.

And, you know, the hotels in NewYork City are expensive enough.

But then how they get youis all the other stuff.

You know, you payfor the room and then

they get you with the phone.

You know, first ifI'm out of town,

I charge the call to my longdistance company, right.

So then they charge me a littlebit extra because you know,

they've got me, I'm away frommy headquarters and my source

of power so they exploit that.

And then on top ofthat then the hotel

has to charge me a little bit.

It's just, you know,hey one at a time.

I only have onebutt and one wallet,

so could you take turnsat least or form a line.

I'd like a line.

And then the other thing,you make a local call--

I call a friend wholives 10 blocks away.

They charge me four bucks.

Yeah, it-- it would be cheaperfor me to make my calls

from the plane onthat air phone, uh,

thing-- which don't even getme started on the air phone.

Anyway I-- all Iwant-- I don't even

want the guy to lower his rates.

I just want him to admitthat they're overcharging me,

you know, because they can.

But you get the guyin a conversation--

the manager you know-- whyare the rates so expensive?

He's gotta tell you allthis stuff that, you know,

oh we can't lower our ratesbecause our customers, you

know, need our services andwe're providing them to,

uh, to just-- they're like aservice we're not trying to use

them as a source ofprofit for any reason.

You know, and it's justlike, give me a break.

Not a source of prof-- heyI know what a phone costs,

I'm not an idiot OK.

I have a phone $0.25--kind of the going rate.

Then he says, ohno well our rates

are competitive withthe industry standard.

Which-- oh it's a gangrape, so that makes it OK.

The guy-- You just wanthim to admit you're

taking advantage of me.

Just admit it, I'mexploiting you because I can.

Just say it, you'll feel better.

No, they have to tell you abouthow expensive their equipment

is and their operators areall technically trained.

A monkey with a headset couldput those calls through.