Behind the Scenes - Preparing for the Roast the Only Way They Know How

Roast of Rob Lowe Season 1, Ep 1 09/05/2016 Views: 5,542

Backstage at the Roast of Rob Lowe, Pete Davidson, Rob Riggle, Ann Coulter and other dais members open up about everything (but mostly sex and their lack of preparation). (0:47)

(metallic tapping)

- [Interviewer] How did you prepare for this roast?

- Wait I was supposed to prepare?


- [Interviewer] Who has softer features,

David Spade or Rob Lowe?

- Rob Lowe, oh probably David Spade.

'Cause David Spade doesn't look

like he had plastic surgery.

- I'm even shocked.

- I'd rather (bleep)Rob if I had to choose.

- [Rob] He's gonna suck.

- Hey how are you?

- He's gonna suck.

- Wouldn't want to be Rob Lowe tonight.

I'm gonna (bleep) you in the ass.

I can't say that can I?

Is this live?

- [Interviewer] Whatdo you think Rob Lowe's

best and worst roles are?

- Well everybody knows the big one,

at the 1988 Democratic National Convention.

Loved that.

- I'm trying to think.

Was Ann Coulter here?


- I could see myself laying them

both down by the fire.

You know what I mean?

(hip hop music)

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