Chip's Cartoons

Bob Odenkirk & Fred Armisen Season 2, Ep 20 11/11/2003 Views: 18,590

Chip encourages a local newspaper to run more comic strips about Hispanic people. (2:46)

>> How you doing?

My name is Chip Douglas.

I'm from a Hispanic watchdog


We look around at things to see

if they're Hispanic.

Do you understand?

Is this the newspaper?

>> Yes, it is.

>> Okay.

So, I'm looking at your

newspaper and the cartoons are

all Anglo people, okay?

Marmaduke, y Snoopy, Family


It's all white and what we need

to see is more Hispanic flavor,


>> Okay.

>> Things with big mustaches and

frizzy hair and things like

that, okay?

Shouldn't be Blondie, it should

be Brownie.

Did you ever hear of Guadelupe

the Cat?

>> No, I don't think so.

>> It's from Guatemala.

And this cat makes diarrhea


single minute of the day.

But then he turns the diarrhea

into his friend.

>> Okay, sir, we don't do those

cartoons here.

>> Exactly, but I do.

So, here's my pitch for a

cartoon, okay?

These two Spanish guys and

Mexican day laborers, and one is

like this, "I... need money,

mister, I need a job."

"Get a job."

"And then he takes out his

switchblade and then he cuts

them up really good and he goes,

"Here's a job for you."

>> I'm sorry, sir, but right now

we're just not interested in

changing our...

>> Okay, okay.

Here's another one then.

There's a Mexican, like a

burrito, like a burro, like a

little donkey, and he's always

making pooh-pooh.

And then he throws it at the

little kids and he says, "Here's

a job for you," and he takes out

his switchblade.

>> No, I don't think so.

>> Okay. How about Mexican

jumping beans and they jump up

and down like this... blick,

blick, blick, blick.

Like that?

>> No, thank you.

>> But they're a family.

>> Uh, I appreciate the call,

but we're just...

>> Are you racist?

This is a watchdog organization,

and it seems like you don't like

Latinos and Spanish people.

>> Well, I don't appreciate that


I majored in Spanish...

>> I have one that's Cesar the


It's a worm inside a tequila



Por favor, listen, mister, I've

got another one, it's like this.

It's Senor Siesta and he's a

lazy worker and he's laying down

in the gutter.


>> Well, I just don't see how

that helps really either.

It seems like to me that's just

perpetuating stereotypes.

>> Yeah, but you know something,

in a way, it teaches people to

love each other.

Do you know what I mean?

>> I... I mean, I'm in charge of

the editorial content of the


I don't do anything with comics.

>> Maybe you're a racist against


>> I appreciate your call.

I hope your comic strip does

well, but...

>> Here's another one.

Los ...

It's a Mexican family that

starves all the time, they never


>> I have to go now.

Thank you. Bye.

( hangs up phone )

( snoring, alarm clock ringing )

( yawning )

( Crank Yankers theme music

playing mariachi style )

( machine clicking )

( yawning )

( snoring )