Kyle Kinane - New Rules for Healthcare

Kyle Kinane: Loose in Chicago Season 1, Ep 1 10/15/2016 Views: 2,397

Kyle Kinane describes the ways in which California has allowed him to hold a onto his youth a little too tightly. (1:23)

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Who goes to the doctor rightaway?

"There might be something wrong.

Let's just throw money at it."

Who has that?

How many Rockefellersare you hanging out with?

"Here's my money, tell me."

No, go online, sort it out.

So, I knew it was gonna be gout.

I knew I was gonnahave something.

And I went in with thatknowledge to the doctor.

I'm like, "I think I have gout,'cause this and this and this."

And my doctor's just like,"Yep."

I was like, no, do your job.

Don't agree with me.

I'm at your office.

I'm not a doctor.

Examine me.

You know what,I think if you can go online

and you figure outwhat you have

and you go to the doctorand you're right,

you don't have to pay a copay.

That should be the deal.

That should be the deal.

I think that's fair nowadays.

Like, I'm right,you give me 50 bucks.

That's how we do it.

But, so I went in,

and I was all panickedabout the gout.

I was freaking out.

I'm like, "Oh, my god,I've got a disease."

And I'm just beinga victim about it,

like, "Oh, god, I have a thing."

And even my doctor was like,"Stop being a baby.

"It's easily manageable.

"Lots of people have gout.

"You've got nothingto worry about.

"You can totally manage it.

"All you have to do,you just have to avoid,

like, beer and any foodyou might find at a barbecue."

Yeah, all I heard was,"You're gonna die."

That's what I heard.

I know she was sayingother words,

but all I heard was like,"You've met the shepherd

"that is going to guide youinto the great beyond, Kyle.

And that shepherd's nameis gout."