Prepping for "Conan"

Conan! Season 1, Ep 6 12/16/2013 Views: 2,280

Brody runs some of his material by his mother in preparation for his appearance on "Conan." (2:11)

You remember any of my bits?

I probably would if you told me.I can't tell you off-hand.

I'll probably talk about howI went for a swim outin Venice Beach...

and I clogged the drain.

I talked about how I booked...

another movie.

I did book another movie, Mom.

You did?Yeah, it's an adult video.

You're supposed to laugh.All right, that's off the list.

I didn't-- I didn't laughat that.

Maybe you should get up on stageand start performing these jokesfor an audience.

Well, I've been getting up, I'vebeen going to the youth hostel.

I've been going to theComedy Store.

I've been going to Vancouver.

I've been going all over,trying to get my stuff down.

Do they laugh at all thesejokes?No.

Help me out, please.


I mean, last night, I'm gettinglaughs, tonight you're playinghardball with me.

I-- I get frustrated, then theylaugh at my frustration.

Stay with me and give me achuckle based on cadence alone.

It takes time just to get usedto my beats and my patterns.

It would have been better if yousaw what I was trying to do...

but you're bullying me, likethey did at Reseda High School.

I fought a Crip in 1987.

I pulled her hair.

You're doing good... onfrustration.

Yeah, I'm the frustrationcomedian.

I like that.You like that?

That's funny.Will Conan like it?

I don't know.

You think I'm gonnado okay on this show?

It seems like I might notbe doing all right.

No, you'll be doing all rightif you get some jokes.

Okay, this is partof the process.

Having your mom tell youthat you're not funny.

And you need jokes, and you'regonna bomb on the Conan Show.

I didn't--Thank you.

I didn't say all that,but that is funny.

Just chuckle.

[BLEEP], comedy's hard.

Just get some more jokes.

I get lonely, sometimes I godown to the batting cage.

Yeah.Just to play catch.

Yeah, that's funny, too.Okay, good.

Two out of seven, not bad.Yeah, yeah.