Crystal Powell - White Friends vs. Black Friends

Houston Season 1, Ep 2 10/09/2016 Views: 2,308

Crystal Powell demonstrates how her white friends and black friends respond to adultery very differently. (1:43)

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But it's a difference.It's a difference in cultures.

I swear to God,it's a difference.

'Cause, just for example,you know, I have white friends.

I have black friends.

My white friend catches myhusband out cheating one night.

'Cause I know it, ladies.I know it.

She calls me.This is exactly how that goes.

[imitating phone ringing]"Hello, Crystal? This is Becky.

"Becky with the good hair.

"Yeah. I just saw Chris.

"I don't want to causeany problems, but it was--

"he was with a womanI didn't recognize.

"Never seen herin our carpool lane.

"Never seen her at yoga.

"And, you know, we get down atZumba, right?

"Not even that.

"Just so you know, I would havea conversation with him

when he gets home."

Let my friend Kiesha call,see my husband.

That's real different.Her ring tone even--

her ring toneever different.


This call go like this.



"you seen Chris?

"I know you ain't seen him,'cause he right here.


"Bitch, he over here popping onthis bitch off sixteen--

"ooh, uh-oh!Girl, it's about to go down.

"They ordering oysters.Yes, they are.

"You better get here.Hurry up,

"you know mamaain't gonna watch the kids

"but another three hours.Come on.

"Her license plate is 278--


"Bring me some Cheetoswhen you come."