Rick Gutierrez - Can't Be Fat Anymore

Alfred Robles & Rick Gutierrez Season 1, Ep 1 10/06/2011 Views: 17,660

If being fat is an epidemic, then Rick Gutierrez is infected. (0:40)

I love Gabriel Iglesias, man.

That dude, when I came to L.A.,I lived with him for two years.

And he made me this one deal.

He goes, "You know,you can live here for free

as long as you buythe groceries."

You saw him.

That dude doesn't eat,like, a slice of bread.

You know what I'm saying? Yeah.

(mimics ravenous eating)

"Damn, was that a whole chicken?Son of a bitch!"

And everything's changing.

You can't be fat anymore.

You know what they call it?An epidemic.

Sons of bitches, man.

If being fat's an epidemic,I'm infected.

Look at this.

And it's not my fault.

I'm Mexican.Look at my diet.

Cheese on top of cheese,cheese on beans.

I haven't taken a (bleep)in a year.