Natasha Leggero - Marriage Is the Best Deal for Dudes

Natasha Leggero: Live at Bimbo's Season 1, Ep 1 08/22/2015 Views: 7,103

Natasha Leggero discusses why getting married has become less important for women and more necessary for men over the course of the last century. (1:27)

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Men don't even wantto get married anymore.

Marriage seems like it would bethe best deal for a dude.

You could, like, get someone

to have sex with youfor the rest of your life,

someone to find your walletevery day,

close the cabinets behind you,pick up your socks.

Okay, it would be one thing ifguys would take off their socks

and leave 'em on the floor,but they'll, like, pick 'em up

and then put 'em by the bread.

Why are your socks by the bread?

"Oh, they're notall the way dirty yet."

I mean, I could see,like, 100 years ago when...

'Cause you seethese TV shows now and movies.

The women are, like,"I'm 31! I have to get married!"

Like, I don't understand--what is the point?

There is no point to a man...

Like, 100 years ago, I got it.You had to get married.

They wouldn't let women vote.

They wouldn't let us read.We would...

They would tell women, if theyread a college-level book,

it would shrink their ovaries.

Like, your dad would givesome guy some land

and some cows,and you could just relax,

and, like, if you wanteda dress or something,

you wouldn't get a job.

You would just, like,twist your dimples

and talk to your husbandand act like a baby.

Like, "Please, Mr. Sweetie,buy me a dress."

And then, if he didn't give youwhat you wanted,

you would just faint, like...

They had couchesmade just for fainting.

If you didn't getwhat you wanted,

you would just get the vaporsand pass out.

Now we all have to work.

All these dudes--no one wants to grow up.