The Internet Loves Ken Bone

Monday, October 10, 2016 10/10/2016 Views: 1,487

Brian Posehn reveals the backstory behind undecided voter Ken Bone's memorable debate outfit. (3:13)

Last night's town hall-styledebate had record participation

with social media, and everyoneon every platform agreed

the clear winnerof last night's debate

was, indeed,power plant technician

-and living Christmas albumKen Bone. -(clapping)

What steps willyour energy policy take

to meet our energy needs,

while at the same time remainingenvironmentally friendly,

and minimizing job lossfor fossil power plant workers?

-(woman whooping)-HARDWICK: Which...

Yes, which he followed upby saying,

"Excuse me.I think you have my stapler?

-Do you? I think."-(laughter)

"Can I get my stapler?

"I just..."-(applause and cheering)

"Can I get my stapler back?

"I'm just...

I'm gonna burn this place down."


I love this man.I love... I love you, Ken Bone.

The Internet loves you.

You magnificent bastard,you taught us it was okay

to be earnest again.

We thought it would beappropriate

to devote our entire segmentto Ken Bone, so welcome

to "The Bone Zone."

-(cheers and applause)-♪ -Yeah.

HARDWICK:That's right.

You thoughtthat was for Top Gun.

Kenny Loggins actually wrote itfor "The Bone Zone."

Ken's questions about energypolicy might have gone unnoticed

if it weren't for his sweaterand mustache,

which made him look likethe host of a children's show

-on the Post Office Channel.-(laughter)

Even GQ tweeted about Ken Bone.

The Halloween costume kitright there.

There it is.That's all you need.

-But there is a...-(laughter)

There is... there is an...

There's an interestingback story

to Ken's fashion choice.

Comedians, why the red sweater?

A: To show solidarity

with victimsof pasta sauce accidents?

B: His Garfield sweaterhad mustard on it?

C: He split the ass of the suithe planned to wear?

Anyone can buzz in.Brain Posehn.

C. Fat guy problem.

-(laughter)-HARDWICK: All right. Uh...

Brian Posehn...let's see if you're correct.

I had a really nice olive suitthat I love a great deal,

and my motherwould have been very proud

to see me wearing on television.

But apparently,I've gained about 30 pounds,

and when I went to get in my carthe morning of the debate,

I split the seat of my pantsall the way open.

(cheering, whooping)

-I love Ken!-I love him.

-I love that man!-I love him.

I mean, he couldhave made up anything.

He's like,"I'm gonna tell the truth."

-By the way... -POSEHN: "Andthrow my mom under the bus."


It was your fault, Mom!

By the way, see,I'm of the belief

that the 30 poundswas all dick weight.

-30 pounds.-(laughter, gasps)

30 pounds of Ken Bone.

I love you, Ken Bone!

I (bleep) love you!

(whooping, applause)

Please come on our show,Ken Bone.

I am inviting youto come on @midnight.

Please come on our show.

You are a beam of sincerity andhope in what has otherwise been

a horrifyingKaiju presidential race.

You are the antidote to modernAmerican politics right now.

We need you, Ken Bone.

And you're the only...also the only undecided voter

I don't want to smotherwith a pillow.

I don't know. Is it too lateto write Ken Bone for president?

-Can Ken Bone just be president?-(cheering, applause)