Nate Bargatze - First Kid

Nate Bargatze: Full Time Magic Season 1, Ep 1 05/02/2015 Views: 2,022

Nate Bargatze worries that he and his wife had their daughter too late in life. (1:26)

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We have a daughter now,

and so it's getting--you know, 2-year-old daughter--

it's getting pretty seriousbetween me and my wife now.

And it's--I don't know.

I was living in New Yorkwhen my daughter was to be born.

She was not born here, though.We flew home.

She was born in Tennessee.

I didn't want her to be bornin New York.

You know, I don't need hergrowing up

thinking she's better than me.

[cheers and applause]

Yeah, yeah.

I was like, "You startwhere we start, all right?

No one gets a leg upin this family."


It's our first kid.

I don't know if we had a kidtoo late in life.

Sometimes I wonder, like,

you know, I'm 35.

I was 33 when she was born,and, like--

'Cause you ever ask someonethat has kids,

you're like, "When'sthe best time of your life?"

They will saybefore they have kids

or after their kids move out.

There's, like,20 years they don't mention,

and that's when kidswere in their house.

So by the time my daughtermoves out, I'll be 53.

I'll be dead within hours.

So I've just pushed ittoo far, you know?

Like, I should'vedone it earlier.

Like, I watched that show Teen Mom,

and I was like, "Man,those girls are nailing it.

Like, that's what"--

[laughter and applause]

Just get it over with,you know?

No one likes junior highor high school anyway,

so just throw a kid in the mix.

Wrap it all up.

If I had my daughter at 13,she'd be moved out right now.

Right now,she'd already be gone.

[laughter and applause]