Jared Logan - Growing Up in West Virginia

Jared Logan Season 2, Ep 9 05/31/2013 Views: 13,899

Jared Logan thinks that the children of West Virginia should probably pick a new dream. (1:50)

So I am fromMorgantown, West Virgina.

That's where I'm from. Yeah.(girl whoops)

Are you from there?

I am.Okay, then you're allowedto do that.

It's a very...It's a poor state, right?

It's a very poor state.

Like, to give you an example,

uh-uh, you know,a couple years ago,

they-they wantedto change the sign

when you droveinto West Virginia.

The sign when you droveinto West Virginia used to say,

"West Virginia,Wild and Wonderful."

That's nice. That's very nice.

But then the economygot very bad.

All the coal mines closed down,and they wanted

to drum up businessin West Virginia,

so the governor was like,"I've got an idea.

We'll change the sign."

What did they change it to?

They changed it so that whenyou drove into West Virginia

the sign said, "West Virginia,Open for Business."

How sadly desperate.

They might as well make it,"West Virginia,

"We Hump You Long Time.

Five Dollars."

"West Virginia,Sailor Want a Sucky-Sucky?"

"West Virginia, We Got Wi-Fi!"

I grew up... I grew up there.I grew up there,

and, you know,it was always very poor.

I remember in fifth grade theycame into our class, and, uh,

they asked all of us,

"What do you want to bewhen you grow up?"

And every single boy in my classsaid the same thing.

Every single boy in my classsaid basketball player.

Yeah, it didn't makea lot of sense

because we livedin West Virginia,

so we were all white.

You know, most of us were short.

Some of the kids hadnutrition problems.

Like, "What do you wantto be, Tyler?"

(Southern accent):"A basketball player."

"Really, Tyler? Your familyonly eats Pop-Tarts.

"How is that gonnawork out for you?

"You're gonna lose energyon the court, buddy.

You need more B12 than thatto be a basketball player."