Sandy's Conundrum

How the Sausage Is Made Season 2, Ep 12 06/27/2016 Views: 1,234

A nerdy girl working a shift at a fast food restaurant faces the best and worst of her nature when a popular girl humiliates her in front of her crush. (2:06)

- Two burgers and two fries.


Thanks for choosingBurger Burger.

Oh, hey, Trent,how was the game?

Did you throwlike 600 touchdowns?


- Uh, yeah.Do I know you?

- Oh, Trent,you regular huckster.

We only haveevery other class together.

Remember that timein Social Justice

when we both reachedfor that pencil

and we touched hands and thensomething happened with my body?

- Excuse me, I'm tryingto order, troll.

I want a large fry,

and I don't want themtoo greasy,

so try to keepyour face away from them.

- One fry coming up.


[both smooching]

[girl laughing]

[laugh echoes]

[ominous music]

- [evil laugh]

Do it, Sandy.

Not enough to kill,

just enough to make her pay.

- No, Sandy,this isn't how you were raised.

Turn the other cheek.

- I am so sick ofyour goody-goody horse shit.

Look at her!

If she doesn't cut some cornersonce in a while,

she is not going to make it!

- She's a late bloomer.

- Tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk!

Sandy, it's just youand me here, okay?

Just poison the bitch.

- No, don't!You're above this.

- Ah, shut up!

- Did you just[bleep] touch me?

- Yeah. What areyou gonna do about it,

pray thatI say, "Sorry"?

- That's it!

- Aah!- No!

- Aah!

Why? Why? Why?

[garbled yelling]

- [gasps]What have I done?


I don't deserve to live.

I'm sorry, Sandy.

I'm no angel!


- Hey, fries, troll! Fries!

That's it! That's all I ordered!

Where are my fries? She can't find it!

Where are my fries, troll?

[laughter echoes]