Kristen Schaal - No Underwear

Behrendt, Daniels, Yard, Joyce, Mac, Nystrom, Schaal Season 1, Ep 2 07/27/2006 Views: 53,916

Kristen Schaal speaks many languages. (2:33)

Thank you.


We'll get it.


Thank you.

( clears throat )Thank you.

Good evening, Gotham.

Good evening.

( speaking German )

That's German...

for "I'm not wearingany underwear."

( speaking Mandarin )

That's Mandarin...

for "Just kidding."

( laughs )

( speaking French )

That's French, of course...

for "Actually, I'm not kidding.

"I'm not wearingany underwear...

"at all.

Or any inhibitions,for that matter."

As you can see,I speak many languages.

Including the language of sex.


( laughs )

I just wantedto put that out there.

I woke up this morningwith sex on my brain.

I had this steamy, steamy,hot, hot sex dream,

oh, where I was making loveto George Washington.

Actually, he wasmaking love to me.

And I was justkeeping real still.

Like it's done.

And everything was going better

than I could haveever hoped in my dream,

when all of a suddentowards the end,

out of nowhere, my vaginaturned into an avocado pit

and ruined everything.

And I woke up,and I was just like...

( groans )

"I have issues."


both historical and sexual.