Roast Battle II: New York Regionals - Scott Chaplain vs. Eli Sairs - Exclusive

Roast Battle II: New York Regionals Season 2, Ep 1 01/01/2017 Views: 3,255

Scott Chaplain reveals what Eli Sairs's parents call sex in this epic Roast Battle at New York City's Comedy Cellar. (1:53)

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- Are we ready, everybody?

(audience cheering)

Let's roll.

- Alright Eli,

a homophobe who looks like a dike.

Here we go.

Before Netflix existed,

making a murderer was just what

Eli's parents called fucking.


- Scott, Scott, your parents recently separated

'cause your dad died.

- Oh shit.

- Your dad was a racistcop, he's in hell now.

Well, he's actually in heaven,

but he calls it hell

because Martin Luther King's there.

(audience cheers)

- Eli, your genetics are so shitty,

my dead dad could beat up your alive dad.


- That was a good one,Jonathan Traylor Thomas.

- Hey.

Best one.

Scott, Eli Sairs.

- Lisa, what do you think of these two roasters right here?

- I thought they were terrific.

First of all, that guy, Scott.

I thought you might be too good looking

to be a roaster,

'cause obviously most roasters are fucking ugly.

Look at Jeff and Jim.

You were terrific.

I gotta go with the fucking ugly one,

'cause I have to tell you.

That one's gonna havemore success with women,

and this guy just needsanything he can get to get laid.

- I don't like Lisa calling me ugly.

You look like a smurf came in your hair.


I have to go with Eli, but it's really close.

'Cause that Martin Luther King joke was really brilliant.

But, you were really great too, man.

- My favorite part of this battle

is gonna be the hug at the end,

'cause it's the first one either of them

will have in 15 years.

- Oh, we have our firstwinner of the night.

Make love for Eli Sairs.

- Thank you.


- Hug each other.

(people cheering)