Ron Funches - Raising a Child with Autism

Ron Funches, Mark Forward, Dan Soder Season 4, Ep 6 08/30/2013 Views: 48,947

Ron Funches compares raising an autistic son to helping a friend through a bad drug trip. (1:54)

My son is 10,which is wonderful.

He has autism,

which can be difficult.

He's also a huge [BLEEP].


Some people don't like it

when I call my 10-year-olddisabled child an [BLEEP].

To which I always respond,

If you only use 30 words,

and your three favorite

are "more, pancakes, beyotch..."

Actually,that's pretty cool.

I didn't know how to describeraising a child with autism

till I went to a festivalrecently.

Then it became clear.

To me, taking care of this childis like taking care

of your very best friend

after they've doneway too many 'shrooms...

while you yourself

are on a moderate amountof 'shrooms.

I'm not confident aboutall the decisions I'm making.

But I know you should notbe eating a mouse pad right now.