Kyle Kinane - Werewolves vs. Astrology

Kyle Kinane: Loose in Chicago Season 1, Ep 1 10/15/2016 Views: 1,666

With so many important things happening in the world today, Kyle Kinane chooses to debate only the most trivial. (1:31)

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- This is an election year,

with real arguments that peopleare having out in the world.

And you want to knowthe real argument

I had three weeks ago?

Werewolves versus astrology.

That's the real argumentthat I had.

Pro-werewolf, anti-astrology,if you're curious.


Yeah, I'm sitting there like,

the moon isn't gonnadictate your mood.

That's ridiculous.

The moon can't tell youhow you feel emotionally.

That's silly.

Even though, I mean,well, I guess,

the moon does dictate the tides,

because that's gravity,

and that's the effectit has on water,

and we're 70% water,

so, actually, might besome science to that.

But, no, I'm calling bullshiton that science.

But I do think that when thereis no shadow cast upon the moon,

a select few of us becomedog people that roam the plains.

That is what--I will ignoreall your science

and stand strictlyin a faith-based position.

Politically, I'm liberal.

Supernaturally,very conservative.

I ignore all science and proof,and I go with my heart.

That's what I do;I go with my heart.

Here's the catch.

That wasn't even an argumentwith anybody.

I was by myself.

I got to a bar early.

My friends weren't there yet.

I'm like, well,I got files to short out.

Fuck it, cage match.

Sat there for 45 minuteswith a glass of scotch,

agreeing and disagreeingwith the empty space around me.

Just, "Hmm, hmm..."

Everybody in the place is like,

"Who is this guy doing a shitty

Robert De Niroimpersonation for?"