TripTank 2025 Season 2, Ep 14 07/11/2016 Views: 1,657

A super villain struggles with the best way to get his message across. (2:12)

male narrator: A new superhero has hit the streets,

taking back what rightfully belongs to the black community.

His name...

is Reneger.

But watch out, Reneger.

There's trouble at the dam.

- Soon you puny humans willknow the wrath of Plant Lord!

I'll destroy this damand flood the city.

My plants will getall the water they need,

and there's nothingyou can do about it, Reneger.

[all gasp]

- What the [bleep] didyou just call me?

- Uh, Reneg--

I called you Re--

Well, that isyour name, right?

- What's my name?

- I know that'swhat your name is,

so it's okay to say,all right?

Gil, back me up, man.

- Yeah, that'swhat I thought.

- It is writtenon your shirt.

- Go on, then.

Say it.

- Fine. I will.Here we go.

I'm going to blow the dam,kill some people,

and there's nothingyou can do to stop me, Reneger.

[all gasps, speaking at once]- Hey, not cool, dude.

- What?I just said his name, Reneg--

- [growls]

- Listen, I want to bevery clear here.

I know a lot of people

are going to watchwhat unfolds here today,

and I want it to be knownI am not a racist.

I'm not racist.

- Then why are you pointingat just me?

[all speaking at once]

I hate all humans,regardless of race.

I just want as many peopleto die as possible,

not just black people.

- Dude, stop talking.You're making it worse.

- I want all peopleto die equally.

That's the worldI want to live in

and for you all to die in,together, right?

[all speaking at once]- Racist!

- No! I'm a sociopath,not a racist!

- You're a bigot.

- You know what?I'm--I'm feeling weird.

You guys made this all weird,and I think I'm done here.

Maybe we can try thisagain later.

Come on, evil vines.

- I'm out, baby.


- Wow.That was amazing.

Did you catch his name?

- Yes, I did.

The savior of our cityis named Reneg--

- [growls]

- Actually, no.I have no idea who that was.

- Hey!