Chris Gethard - Bonnaroo Drug Confessions Pt. 3

Chris Gethard Season 3, Ep 5 06/20/2014 Views: 5,038

Chris Gethard goes from being five years sober to a drug distributor in just a few hours. (1:14)

And then my friend Davewalked up to us and he said,

"Are you guys messed up?"

And I said,"Yeah, we're on Molly."

And he said, "Cool.

I'm gonna get someand join you."

And I said, "Great.

Can you get me some more?"

And he said, "How much more?"

And I took every dollarout of my wallet,

and I said, "That much more."

And he left. He came backabout 20 minutes later.

He handed me a couple pills.

I took them, I swallowed them,I stood up,

went to an ATM machine,took out $300,

and immediately bought$300 more worth of Molly.

And I found out,

when you buy that muchMolly at once,

they don't even give youpills anymore.

They give youa bag of white powder.

So I was walking around Bonnaroo

fun-dipping my Molly.

Remember Fun Dip?The powdered candy

in the pouch?

I was fun-dipping Mollyall over Bonnaroo.

I started walking upto random hippies,

and I'd go, "Hey."And they'd go, "What?"

And I'd go,"You want some free MDMA?"

And they'd go, "Yay!"

And I realizedthat I went from being

five years completely sober

to actually beinga drug distributor.

And not evenan economically sound one.

Just giving it away!