Andrew Norelli - The Immune System

Season 1, Ep 0106 08/24/2006 Views: 5,663

When you're sick, a $48 Slurpee is good for you. (2:18)

All right, you feeling good?


Yeah, I am. I'm feeling good.

I was sick...I was sick recently.

Anybody here ever been sick?

I love it when you're sick

and people tell youto go to Jamba Juice.

You know,'cause when you're sick,

well, when you're sick,a $48 Slurpee's good for you.

Have you been there?

They've got the "Cold Buster,"

"Protein Builder," "IQ Booster."

They have the cure for AIDS.

They just don't knowwhat flavor to make it yet.

It's going to beway more expensive.

The key to healththough, everybody:

build your immune system.

Why do you think that diseaseSARS never hit Mexico?

'Cause they drink waterwith gasoline in it.

That's exactly why.

You could sneeze SARS, mad cow,bird flu on your friend Miguel;

he'd just wipe it away and go,"It's okay,"

and go salsa dance. He's fine.

It's like,"You made me stronger."

People worry about healthat the wrong times.

You ever notice that?

"Ooh,there's a hair in my food."

You're eating bacon.There's a pig's assin your food.

Maybe the hair's from a pig ass.You don't know.

If it were a human hair,that'd be gross, that's gross.


I'm pretty healthy. I am.

I get massage,

but I hate when they talkwhile you're getting a massage.

One woman's like, "Push all yourproblems out your arm."

I'm like, "Come again? What?

Push your problemsout your arm?"

"Hey, man,did you pay your rent?"

"Nah, I pushed it out my arm.

"I don't have it anymore.

"Nah, I pushed it out.

"Why? It's so much cheaper.It is. It's way cheaper.

"My landlord doesn't like it.

"I'm like, 'Maybe you shouldpush me out your arm

'cause you're havinga problem.'"