Beginning to Break Down

Breakdown! Season 1, Ep 2 12/02/2013 Views: 1,121

Some of Brody's friends describe when they first noticed his strange behavior. (2:07)

He used to be funnyand kind of strange.

And it was always just funny.

Then it just became strangewithout the funny part.

He started cursing a bunch.

He was always kindof against that.

Because he used to say, insteadof [BLEEP] he used to say fudge.

And that was the funny thingis that he would--

A grown man substituting thesethings an 11-year-old would do.

And he was tweeting a lot.

So then he wentand started acting out.

He was cutting off relationshipswith Zach and with CAA,his agency.

Could see him saying thesepeople are dead to me, or--

and there were violenttones to it.

The concern started to happenwhen really a few weeks later...

we were allat Sarah Silverman's party.

And I mean, it's a huge party,it's on the rooftop.

There's more than100 people there.

The big night where he raninto a lot of celebrities...

and a lot of people,and a lot of his friends.

I was the host, so I waseither welcoming people...

or saying goodbye to people.

People kept coming up to me andsaying, "Brody is acting crazy."

And I was like, "Yeah."

No, no, no, he's corneringpeople, and just liketalking at them.

And I go, "Yeah, you know Brody,don't you?"

You know, Brody isn't scary,he's like intense and he yells.

But it's never scary,this was scary.

It was frightening at thatparty, how kind of manic he was.

Gone, there was nothingbehind his eyes.

It was like he was saying,"The world is gonna end.

"We need to get batteries,water."

But instead, he was going,"I am a star, I have this.

"I've done HBO,I have Harvey Levin."

"And I have a million dollardeal, a million dollar deal,I'm gonna be rich Monday."

Do you have a dealthat's going through?

"That doesn't mat--Howard Stern wants me,everybody wants me."

And-- and then TMZ--


TMZ.I host TMZ.

He kept saying TMZ, becauseI guess he guest hosted it andhe was very excited about that.