Sean O'Connor - Ke$ha Concert

Sean O'Connor Season 2, Ep 6 05/17/2013 Views: 32,323

Finding out that Ke$ha had more than three songs was a life-changing experience for Sean O'Connor. (2:33)

My other favorite thingabout music is Kesha.

I love Kesha.

Woo, woo, woo, Kesha.

For those of youwho don't know who Kesha is,

she's the new Beatles,and... she's incredible.

I went to see Kesha live

and it was the best nightof my entire life.

First off, her audienceis so diverse.

There was, like, meand then 9,000 teenage girls.

I'm, like, whoa, we're allthe same, I think, I don't know.

They were all the same.They were all 15

and trying to be sluttybut had no idea

how to do it.

They were going up to guysand, like,

"You could put itwherever you want.

Whatever that means."

It's, like, you're not gonnalike what that means.

It means "da butt," and...

Then Kesha came out.

And it was life-changing.It was perfect.

I found out she had more thanthree songs. That was good.


In the middle of her sixth song,which is about

how her vagina's a goldTrans-Am...

in the middle of the song,after she says the chorus...

she goes, "Stop!"

And all the musicians stopped.

And me and allthe teenage girls stopped.

'Cause our queenwas about to speak.

And she was, like,

"I just realized something."

And we're, like,what did Kesha...

just realizein the middle of her song about

how her (bleep)is a gold Trans-Am?

She's good at multitasking.

And she was, like,

"I just realizedthere's not enough glitter

on these titties."

And then a guywith a bucket came out.

And poured so much glitteron those titties

he saved the concert.

So, I Googled it to see ifthat was, like, the one show

where Kesha didn't remember

to put enough glittieson those titties.

No, it happened at all 83 shows.

That was a guy's job.

That's definitely a jobyou get on Craigslist.

Where it's, like,"must have own bucket."

He's, like, I got a bucket.

What are we doingwith my bucket?