Colin Jost - "Inception" Arguments

Nick Turner, Colin Jost, Reggie Watts Season 4, Ep 1 07/26/2013 Views: 5,258

Colin Jost explains that fights with a significant other are never about anything important. (1:32)

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I, um, I was dating someonerecently. Have you guys ever

been in a relationship where,like, the default setting is

you're fighting?

Like, at restyou're fighting.

Like, you wake up in themorning and you're like,

"Oh, why won't you try sushi?"

Just right into it.

Right into it.

We would fight all the time.

And when you're fighting withthe person you're dating,

it's never anything important.

It's never like, "No, thisis the cause of slavery."

It's never...

It's just the stupidest[BLEEP] in the world.

One day my girlfriend andI, we were walking

down the street.

We saw a girl walkingdown the street barefoot.

She was holding hershoes in her hand.

My girlfriend was like,"Well, she's dumb and drunk."

I was like, "Maybeher feet just hurt."

She was like, "Why areyou defending her?"

We fought for an hourand a half

about a stranger we wouldnever see again.

And then you ever fightso long you just end up

fighting about thefight you're having?

Like, the original argument'sover, you think you're out of

the woods, and then she'slike, "You know, I wish you

wouldn't get so frustratedwhen we fought."

And you're like, "I wish youwouldn't say crazy [BLEEP]

all the time."

And you're fightingfor another two hours.

And eventually it's like thatmovie Inception:

there's a fightwithin a fight

within a fight.

And somewhere the two ofyou are in a van,

falling off a bridgein slow motion.

And she's like,"This is your fault."


And you're like, "Butyou're the one driving."