Owen Benjamin - Waking Up with a Dog

Owen Benjamin: High Five Til It Hurts Season 1, Ep 1 06/28/2013 Views: 21,071

Owen Benjamin explains why getting up in the morning sucks a little bit less when you have a dog. (1:26)

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Waking up can be hardas a human.

You know?

I don't even know whywe have a snooze button

We're like "oh that sucked,let's do it again in 10minutes."

"Oh god, that's horrifying."

"Oh god.."

I mean, that's crazy thatwe have a snooze button.

Just get it over with.

Sometimes it's hard waking up.

You know, you're like, today'sgonna suck.

Not if you have a dog it doesn'tsuck.

Your dog is like "bro I can'tbelieve we're still alive!"

You're like "whaaat"

He's like "dude! I closed myeyes last night I think theworld goes away...

I open my eyes, my best friendis still there right in front ofme.

Buddy, I've been staring at youfor hours.

And he's just staring at me withthose big eyes.

And I'm like, buddy I don't knowif I wanna throw a ball yet.

He's like: "dude, it's cool,just say the word outside, I'mgonna lose my shit."

I'm like, "I just say it?"

He's like "dude, just say theword. I'm gonna lose it.

I'm gonna lose my mind withexcitement.

I'm like, alright, "outside".

He's like "wooo! yeah!"

"We're going outside! we'regoing outside!"

And he goes right to the leash.

He's like "right there, it'sright there."

Dogs don't understand lies, ifyou say outside, you're goingoutside.

If you don't go outside aftersaying outside you're

the biggest dickhead on theplanet.

That's the only time you'll seea dog look like the SarahMcLaughin commercial.

Cause if you say outside andthen don't go they're like:

(starts singing)