Gabriel Iglesias - Interviewing Spanish-Speaking Athletes

Shaun Latham & Jerry Rocha Season 3, Ep 3 10/18/2014 Views: 12,634

After seeing a boxing match in Las Vegas, Gabriel Iglesias realizes just how cruel it is to make a Spanish-speaking boxer conduct interviews in English. (1:46)

going all over the place.It feels goodto be somewhere

for this long, you know?Yeah,

usually it's just... You know,every day we're going somewhere

and we're chilling.Yeah, yeah, yeah, all the time.I mean, it's like...

Vegas was the last stop, right,for the big fight?

Yeah. Oh, yeah.We were there for that fight.

Ay Dios mío, no...

I got to tell you guyssomething, though.

For me, the most entertainingthing about that fight

was, uh... was the interviews,

the interviews leading upto the big fight.

You know?Especially the ones in Spanish,

'cause the interviewsin Spanish, those guys get down.

You know what I mean? It'sintense. The guy comes out...

(speaking Spanish dramatically)

Please, por favor...

(speaking Spanish dramatically)

And then Canelo soundedhard-core and cool and bad.

He's like...(speaking Spanish intensely)

And the guy's like,"Oh, my God."

That was, like,such an intense interview.

And I wishthey would let the guy

just do interviews in Spanish.

Do not make a guywho does not speak English well

do interviews in English,

'cause in English, he doesn'tsound intimidating-- at all.

(nasally voice):"Hey, we're here with, uh,

"Canelo Alvarez for ESPN Sports.

"Canelo, can you tell uswhat's gonna happen?

What's your strategyagainst Mayweather?"


(with heavy accent):"Well...

"I, eh...

"I-I am going to hit him

"like this.

"And then I am goingto hit him like this.

"And he going to...

(speaking Spanish)

"He going... he going to fall

"and-and th...

dun-dun, it's like that.It's-it's..."

(audience cheering, applauding)