Beatrice vs. Satan

Season 2, 08/24/2016 Views: 3,126

Beatrice confronts Lillian about her sinful behavior but finds that her sister is less susceptible to the Christian path than she had hoped. (1:39)

- Beatrice,just leave me alone.

Let me live my life.

- Lillian, you are mysister and my best friend,

and I don't want youto go to Hell.

Now please, just--just drop the bottle

and let God slip inside you.

If you just let him in,it feels so good.

- Leave me alone.

These are my newbest friends now.

See this guy?

His name's The Gorilla,

and he's my new sister.

- No. No.

No, that's Mr. S. talking.

That's Satan.

[dramatic music]

- Oh, so you're crazy now.

- [shouting]

No more...

[glass shattering]


[glass shattering]

[dramatic music]

Lillian,give me the bottle.

- No.- Give me the bottle.

- No.- Give me the bottle!

- No!- Lillian, give me the bottle!

- Ah![thud]

- [panting]



Lillian, stop joking.


Lillian? Lillian?

Lillian, come here.

[melancholy notes]

[dramatic music]

- Now that's what I calla ladies' night!

[electric guitar riff]

[chuckles]Drinks on the house, huh?

[all cheering]

Oh, wait, no.She broke 'em all.

Never mind.all: Aww.