Mario Tory - DNA's Tricks - Uncensored

Atlanta Season 1, Ep 1 10/02/2016 Views: 1,970

Mario Tory knows what his daughter inherited from her mother and has come to terms with the unfortunate quality his little girl got from him. (1:04)

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Ain't it funnyhow DNA works?

Like, if you got a child,DNA will determine

what characteristics your childwill have from each parent.

Like, DNA is crazy,'cause it played a trick on me.

I think God wasmessing with me.

'Cause I got a daughter,prettiest thing on Earth.

Oh, my God, beautiful,look just like her Mama,

inheritedall her Mama looks,

but somehow the only thingshe inherited from me

was my voice, so--


She pretty as hell,but she look like her Mama,

but she sound like me,and I know, it's fun.

But she's smart.Other day, walked into the room.

I said, "Hey, beautiful,how you doing?

Girl, look at you.

You want Daddy to get yousome juice?

She looked me right in my face,y'all, I ain't lying.

She goes--[deep voice]"I'm really getting

about sickof that juice shit."

[laughter and applause]

So now I'm trying to figure out,what she gon' drink then?

What you gon' drink then?

[deep voice] Grab me a shotof that Grey Goose

out of the refrigerator.

That's what y'allbe drinking.

[laughs]Hey, man, Mario Tory,