Behind the Scenes - Gabriel Iglesias - Already Sold Out

Gabriel Iglesias: Aloha Fluffy Season 1, Ep 1 04/07/2013 Views: 22,476

Gabriel Iglesias chats about his weight loss and makes an appearance on Power 104.3 with KC and Taka. (1:04)

-Gabriel Iglesias.

First thing, well, first ofall, you, you look less fluffy.

What happened?


Uh, man, I stopped eating, uh,hot pancakes in the morning.

Dude, I'm shooting my, uh,new Comedy Central one hour

special here intown this weekend.

And actually, theshow's already sold out.

So we're just hereto brag and eat cake.


OK, rewind.

-All right.

-It's good for TV.

-I told you guys I'd show up.


--[inaudible], justgo through race.


Not exactly protein.

-Uh, man, let's welcome GabrielIglesias to [inaudible].

Pleasure to haveyou here, brother.

Last time we spoke,you kind of tipped, uh,

tipped us off on a, on a bigshow that you're doing here.

-Uh huh.

-A Comedy Central special.

-That's right.

-Um, and it's coming true.

This is, uh, it's happening--

-Told you guys.

You guys thought I just set upa little meeting to come in here

and, and kill your coffeeand vending machine.


-Which, by theway, that wasn't me

that put the hole in thevending machine in the hallway.

I saw that.

One of you guys got frustrated.