Roast Battle II - Frank Castillo vs. Anna Valenzuela

Roast Battle II: Night Three - Uncensored Season 2, Ep 7 01/28/2017 Views: 2,966

Frank Castillo compares Anna Valenzuela to the Trumps after she guesses which Roast Battle II comedian his girlfriend is rooting for. (4:25)

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[bell dinging]

- Anna with makeup looks likeGene Simmons without makeup.


- Good one, gardener gnome.

Frank and I are bothwhitewashed Mexicans.

I'm half Irishand Frank is covered in cum.


- I'm not saying Anna's ugly,

but she is getting paidin carrots and sugar cubes.


- Oh.

Fran said he's gonna proposeto his girlfriend

if he wins this tournament,so it's nice to know

that Frank's girlfriendis rooting for me.


[tires screeching]


- Anna could pass for a Trump.

She's got the body of Melania,the brains of Ivanka,

and her womb is Barron.

[audience groaning]

- That's a good joke, guys.That was fun.

That was really fun.

Frank looks like a testicle...

dropping out of college.


- Last joke.

- Anna's boyfriendis like Colt 45

because he comesin a brown paper bag.



- Ahh!

- Like Moses!

- Your girlfriend talks to youlike you're a [bleep] bitch.

- [laughing]

- Or as the rest of us call it,appropriately.


[bell dinging]

- That's it, that's it.The bell rang away.

Anna Valenzuela,Frank Castillo.

- I'm confused.How are you two related again?

- We're all related, right?

- No, that was outstanding.I really love you both.

Give them a round of applause,please.

Frank Castillo,from working at The Comedy Store

to coming over hereand being a quarterfinalist

on "Roast Battle,"so cool.

Sarah, do you want to weigh inon these two?

- Frank, really great jokes.Really strong.

The horse face jokesare just not funny to me.


I think that's over the line.

- Gracias, I got you.I got you.

- The covered in cum jokeis a great twist.

Really good writing.You're both fantastic.

I'd probably give itto Frank.

Technically with the jokes.- Aye.

- Una, por que.

- Anna, it's goodto see you again.

I actually saw Annaat the "Roast" the first time.

- Yeah, you've judged me before.- I've judged you before.

I've judged you ever sinceevery time I see you.


Okay.- You're very funny.

- Tha--I'm trying.Thank you.

Why did you have to slowmy rhythm like that? I was--

- Sorry.- No, I'm kidding.

Really great. You lookbeautiful, by the way, tonight.

Really great.- Thank you.

- People have takenenough shots at you.

I had a good one,but I'm not gonna say it.

You look fantastic.Frank, you started out.

You were very--you were goingwith the sort of physical

and the--and that was cool.

And I was like,"When's he gonna change over,"

and then you hitwith the Barron joke.

That was fantastic.That was a multi-faceted burn.

I think even Anna understoodthat when it hit.

I love watching someonewho's getting roasted

have to give it upin the moment of the roast.

Like, "Ah, shit,that's really great.

That always excites me.

And so I'm gonna have to give itto Frank on this one

for a very well round.

- Ah, Jeffrey,make it official.

- Right out of the gate, Frank,the Gene Simmons joke,

but John's right,the Barron joke is so funny.

You were working every angle,dude.

Keeping it current.

I think if you're gonna winthis tournament,

you're gonna have toup your game a little bit

because the final coupleyou're gonna go against

are gonna be great performers.- Mm-hmm.

- And Anna Valenzuela,holy shit.

You know what? You're soentertaining and fun to watch.

I think tonight--- Thank you.

- I actually think tonight,you went from being

an amateur comedian to beinga professional comedian,

so congratulations.- Ah.

- Frank Castillo.

- Homeless Depotbeats Home Depot,

Frank Castillo.