Exclusive - Drunk History at Comic-Con 2016 - Season 4 Preview

Season 4, 07/27/2016 Views: 1,195

Derek Waters teases Drunk History Season 4 and explains how it's different from previous years of the show. (1:50)

- Alright, well,let's talk about

we are about to start up with season four, correct?

- Season four.

Yeah, yeah, season four. - [Jack] Wow, congratulations.

- Thank you. - [Jack] Congratulations.

What all can you tellus about what to expect?

Do we have any excitingcameos coming on?

- Lots of cameos, lots of cameos.

There's a, we've been doing all cities,

in the past three seasons,

and this season they'reall themed episodes.

There's nothing about cities like

Duncan and Steve Berg's, they were called Great Escapes.

A man by the name of Tony Hale is in an episode

called-- - [Tony] That's me!

- [Derek] Legends, - [Tony] Oh my god!

- and that young man down there plays Buster Keaton,

which, it's one of the best things

I've ever seen in my life. (panel laughs)

Humbly, like you won't believe how,

I mean, who doesn't knowhow great Tony Hale is,

but him as Buster Keaton was just--

- But also Make-up and Hair,

what those people did to transform,

I mean they, 'cause I looked in it,

the picture, like it really looked, they did a great,

I dunno, I'm just babbling.

- That's a crazy thing too, the make-up and hair,

it's like they only have one day,

usually it's like, there's like wardrobe fittings,

and tests, and this and that to make sure they have it.

And they have to be completely ready,

on the fly, to have you look 100% accurate

with these historical figures.

- Yeah, and they'll throw like,

someone will be wearinga wig for another story,

the day before, and they'll be like,

"Alright, we're gonna use this,"

and just cut it to this character.

Same day. (Derek laughs)

- And that's why it has to look homemade,

'cause if it lookedtoo good, it'd be like,

"You guys are taking yourselves way too seriously."

(panel laughs)


- No one has ever accused us of looking too good.

(panel laughs) - That's true, that's true.

That is very true. - [Jack] That is why,

this show is on Comedy Central.

(panel laughs)