Creepy Locksmith

The Lockout Season 1, Ep 4 02/12/2014 Views: 16,575

Locked out of Ilana's apartment and desperate for a place to shower and change, the girls resort to the unthinkable: calling a super lecherous locksmith. (2:04)

Okay, who would you ratherhave go down on you?

Michael Bubleor Janet Jackson?

Oh, okay.

What Buble are wetalking about, though?

I don't know, the optimalMichael Buble.

His weight fluctuates.

Yeah.So does hers.

Yeah.So does mine.

Yeah.But then again,

Michael Buble is,like, such a crooner.

I feel like he could dostuff with his mouth that,

like, most peoplecouldn't.

Somebody calla locksmith?


I'm gonna look disgustingfor tonight is all.

No, you're gonnalook hot and cool.

Your shower is justa lockpick away.

Very hot.

Very cool.

What's your name,sweetheart?




So where is ityou sleep?


Which apartment's yours?


Do you have any, like,credentials?

Or, like, a license to bea locksmith that you could

just show us?

No, the only thing youneed to be a locksmith is

you gotta want it.

Real bad.

That one.

Yeah, it's this one,the 6--


(amorous groaning)

They call thisa whore door.

'Cause it's so easy.


Thank you for yourterrifying services

and don't call us,we'll call you.

Oh yeah.

Oh, you'll call me, huh?