Is Steve Bannon the Real President?

February 6, 2017 - Keith Ellison 02/06/2017 Views: 67,102

President Trump gets defensive after the media speculates that his chief strategist Steve Bannon may be the one who is really making major policy decisions at the White House. (6:35)

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Let's move nowto Washington, D.C.,

-something Melania Trumpwill never do. -(laughter)

You know,since Trump's inauguration,

here at The Daily Show, we've been playing this game.

It's called"Who's the Real President?"

We sit around in the office,and we try and figure out

who's really runningthe country,

because you knowit's not Trump, right?

We know it's not Trump, andlike... I figured, I was like...

Let me show youthe current standings

-of what we have here,all right? -(laughter)

So... so, as you can see,for week three,

we have a whole bunch of people.

Donald Trump's still stuckin number five spot,

uh, but there's been...there's been a lot of movement

in the top three,and that's what

we're gonna sharewith you today. A few move...

At number three, we have...


Which is basicallyour celebrity couple name

for Jared Kushner and Ivanka,right?

It's also the nameof an Ikea chair.

-A lot of peopledon't know that. -(laughter)

In the number two spot,we have...

-Oh, Fox News. Yes, yes. Yes.-(laughter)

-Or as Trump calls it,his daily briefings. -(laughter)

But the number one spotin this week's edition

of "Who's the Real President"goes to...

-(audience yelling suggestions)-(drum roll)

(applause and cheering)

-(booing)-Steve Bannon!

Yay! Steve Bannon!



Donald Trump's chief strategist,

who is also the radicalformer editor of Breitbart,

and the subject ofthe bestselling autobiography,

If Eczema Were a Human:

-(laughter) -The Steve Bannon Story.

And, guys,can I be honest with you?

This tally wasn't even close.

Because in the past week,we've learned so much

about the power and influencethat Bannon has

in the White House.

Where is he getting his ideas?

Where did the term "Muslim ban"come from?

How did the president decidethe seven countries...

NEWSWOMAN: Bannon played a key role in crafting

President Trump's extreme vetting order,

that temporary ban on immigrants

from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Wow. Oh,can we just take a second?

-What's going on in this photo?-(laughter)

It looks like Trump isa little girl learning to dance

by standingon her father's feet.

Like, what is...? I bet Melanialooks at that picture and goes,

"I remember when you used tolook at me like that, Donald."


But yes, yes,even though the Muslim ban

has Trump's name on it,once again it turns out

he didn't really build ithimself.

It was Bannon's baby.

Which shouldn't surprise anyone.

It's in his name, people.


Ban-on Muslims.

Open your eyes, people!

The clues are everywhere!

-(cheering, applause)-The whole name is a clue!

Ban-non. Ban-on Muslims!

What about his name Steve?

You can't pell...spell Steve without Eve.

Adam and Eve.

The Garden of Eden.


Steve Bannon isgonna order takeout tonight.

-We have to stop him.-(laughter)

Maybe I got carried away.

But still, Ban-on. Ban-on.

Anyway... not only was Bannonbehind the Muslim ban,

he's reportedly the personwho told Immigration

to ban visa and green cardholders as well.

Which, aside from beinglegally dubious,

is just a huge dick move.

You realize some of these people

have lived in Americafor decades.

This is their home.

Imagine leaving your hometo visit your family,

and then when you get back,Steve Bannon won't let you in.

And you're there like,"But I live here!"

And Bannon's like,"Well, I say you don't.

-Also, I clogged your toilets."-(laughter)

But, you see,making immigration policy

wasn't enough powerfor Steve Bannon,

so he went ahead and gavehimself more power on the DL.

White House chief strategist,Steve Bannon,

has been given a security clearance

usually held by generals,

as the result of an executive order

signed by President Trump...

NEWSMAN: According to the Times, President Trump did not know

the contents of one of the executive orders

he was signing-- he didn't know that he was

putting Steve Bannon, giving him a permanent seat

on the National Security Council.

-(audience groans)-How is this real life?

This is insane.The president didn't know

what was in an executive order?

And also-- this is crazy--Bannon slipped himself

onto the National SecurityCouncil.

He basically did it likea kid sneaks a candy bar

into his mom's shopping cart.Just, like, you know?

That's why everyone recognizes

that Steve Bannon is the realpower behind the throne here.

Everyone realizes it,even the dishonest media.

President Trump's chiefstrategist appears on the cover

of this week's Time magazineaccompanied by the title,

"The Great Manipulator."

Oh. That's a... sort ofa bittersweet milestone

for Steve Bannon--I mean, on the one hand

he's on the coverof Time magazine.

On the other hand, he'son the cover with this photo.

-(laughter)-I mean, like, the face,

what's going on with, the sk...

like, I mean, that's,like, a professional...

I'm not... it's just like theman looks like a satellite image

of a storm on Jupiter,like, it just...

You... Anyway...

By the way, what kindof shadowy manipulator

goes on the cover of a magazineto announce

that he's a shadowy manipulator?

Kind of blowing up your spot,isn't it? Yeah?

It's kind of likethe Wizard of Oz posing

on a cover with the headline,"It's just some dude."

-(laughter)-Why would you do that?

Ego. Seriously,everyone is trying to figure out

whether Bannon or Trumpis in charge.

Look at this Time magazine cover.

Again, it's just,it's astounding

that this soon into a new administration...

I don't know. I-I mean, maybe Bannon's calling all the shots.

Now, if that wasn't true,

then a certain cable news fanwouldn't have felt the need

less than an hour laterto tweet...

"Largely basedon an accumulation of data"?

Come on, man.

Trump and datahave less of a relationship

than Trump and Tiffany.Come on.

-(audience groaning)-What are you, like... Come on.

Come on.

But Trump's defensivenessis telling.

It shows that even he realizes

he needs to provehe's in control.

And maybe someday he will be.

But for now,let's congratulate Steve Bannon.

As of this moment, you are the real president.

The American peopledidn't elect you,

but then again, they kind ofdidn't elect Trump, either.