#HashtagWars - #BadMonsterMovies

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 06/28/2016 Views: 328

Jade Catta-Preta, Paul Scheer and Jensen Karp reboot classic creature movies with dull monsters. (1:44)

It's now timefor our #HashtagWars.

(applause and cheering)

It's hot.

Last week wasthe forty-first anniversary

of America's originalsummer blockbuster, Jaws,

-which I have in shoe form.-CATTA-PRETA: Oh.

(applause and cheering)

(Hardwick singstheme to "Jaws" character)


(cheers and applause)

CATTA-PRETA:We all just got a little dumb.

Someone actually agreedto marry me.


Well, now, there's beena raging debate over the years

about whether or not Jaws canactually be called

a monster movie in the traditionof Frankenstein and King Kong.

I mean, Jaws, the sharkis really only

about five feet longerthan a normal shark.

Monstrous, sure,but is it a monster?

Which is why tonight's hashtagis "Bad Monster Movies."

-CATTA-PRETA: Yes. -SCHEER: Ooh.-Examples might be,

Jaws II: Jaws In Love.

And Niece of Frankenstein.

I'm gonna put 60 secondson the clock. And begin.

-Jade. -The Squirting. -(laughter)

-Yeah.-(applause and cheering)

-Paul. -Conjuring II: Electric Boogaloo.

-Points. Jensen. -An American Werewolf in Burbank.

-Points. Jade. -Drakes On a Plane.


-Jensen. -The Blair Underwood Project.

Points. Jensen.

An all male reboot of theall-female Ghostbusters reboot.

All right, points. Paul.

-Dr. Jekyll and Mr. David Hyde Pierce. -Points.


Pacific Rim Job. -Points.

-Jensen. -It Swallows.


-(whooping, applause)-I like that.

-Jade. -Rosemary's Dumpster Baby.

-Points! Yes!-(laughter)