Donald Trump's Campaign Deficit

June 21, 2016 - Tavis Smiley 06/21/2016 Views: 36,438

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump may be low on campaign funding, but financial documents show that the billionaire tycoon is spending plenty on his own businesses. (1:42)

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First, some breaking news.

Sorry-- broke news.

Trouble for the Trump campaign.

New details abouta staggering lack of cash.

REPORTER: Despite bringing in more than

five million dollars last month, Trump ended the month

with just over a million dollars in the bank.

A campaign, basically,that's broke.

Yes, it turns outthat a guy whose businesses

have gone bankrupt four times

is less than amazingat managing money.

Yeah. And the most interestingpart is the expenses.

In just the month of May,Trump's campaign

wrote checks for $423,000

to Trump's private country clubin Fro... uh, Florida.

$350,000 for the useof Trump's private jet.

Uh, $125,000on Trump's restaurants.

$72,000 on Trump Tower.

$35,000 on one of Trump'sFlorida golf courses

and then another$29,000 on another

of Trump's Florida golf clubs.

Which makesperfect sense, people.

Because that's allthis thing is.

It's a money laundering scam.

It's a money laundering scamwrapped inside

a presidential campaign wrappedinside what appears to be

a human-shaped pieceof hickory smoked bacon.

That's all this is.But my favorite

Trump campaign expenditureof all was this.

REPORTER: Donald Trump spent $207,000 last month on hats.

(cheering, applause)

$200,000 on hats.

Yeah.Even Judah Friedlander is like,

"What? That is so much money."

And it's weird,because Trump supporters

don't need to wear hats.

I mean, where are theygonna put it--

on top of the sheet?Come on, people.